Welcome to Tornado Shelters 101: An Education in Tornado Shelters and Storm Shelters. While many consumers and families recognize their need for a Tornado Shelter or Storm Shelter, many make the purchase without all of the information or not taking all of the variables into account. Consumers often neglect to realize there are a number of materials that Tornado Shelters or Storm Shelters are manufactured from. In the early part of the century, a number of Tornado Shelters and Storm Shelters developed from concrete root cellars. Many of these root cellars were built during the World Wars, desiring protection from foreign attacks, such as bombs. In Tornado Prone areas, such as Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and more, you can still find a number of these old, abandoned Tornado Shelters. While many of these units are still standing, many of them are non-functional units as a Tornado Shelter or Storm Shelter. They may actually be more of a liability issue, than a Tornado Shelter.

Watch the first video of the series below, as "weblerity" Professor VonPupppet, briefly describes the differences in Tornado Shelter materials, and how they may effect consumers and families.

Tornado Shelter Education: Tornado Shelters 101